Officine Tamborrino will be present at Pitti Bimbo

Retail for kids and families. At Pitti Bimbo The Playful Living presents the Concept Store of the future.
A mix of technology and values. 

This is the Kids Concept Store, presented by The Playful Living co-design platform in collaboration with Cilab (Research Laboratory of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano) at Fortezza da Basso on the occasion of Pitti Bimbo from 16th to 18th of January 2020. 

Officine Tamborrino will create the layout of the Kids Concept Store, thus entering the world of childhood retail. A new challenge for the brand, therefore, that of bringing elegant and minimal shapes into spaces dedicated to children.

One hundred square meters where different product segments are integrated and where tech innovation and services coexist. A formula designed for 4.0 consumers oriented towards a multi- channel experience, in which the store is a bridge between traditional shopping and e-commerce proposing new purchase models. 

The layout is focused on the main needs that retailers have to meet in order to remain competitive, following the 3 macro trends highlighted by the 2019 research of Retail Digital Innovation Observatory of Politecnico di Milano - the store of the future has to: 1) be a place where it is possible to live an experience from a relational point of view; 2) become a point of reference for community services, with playful, social and professional activities; 3) know how to show its products in a real environment, linked to the consumers’ experience. 

Fast shopping is replaced by retailtainment, where purchase becomes only the final touchpoint of an engaging experience lived in store, and product is tested and perceived as a real response to the needs of kids and care-givers.

The Playful Living offers its experience in the creation of quality content fit to be replicated in- store, able to stimulate fantasy, bring play and positivity in everyday life. The Concept Store thus becomes a place of belonging, a point of reference for the community and the families. A hybrid space where you can create relationships, connect and meet psychologists, pedagogues, but also artists and educators willing to share their knowledge with families and kids. 

A project which portrays the new consumers paths, especially in large cities, where time is less and less, moves are complex and where there are no meeting points to foster non-virtual relation- ships. In this empty space is inserted this idea of retail, able to gather the real needs of contempo- rary families. 

Inside the area, there will also be a corner where retailers will be supported to execute the Kids' Concept Store in point of sales of all dimensions. 



The Playful Living: Is a philosophy of research for public and private living spaces. A project that puts children and adults at the center of living, proposing ideas and cues to make people feel good together, everywhere. Presented for the first time at Fuorisalone 2019 in Milan (which counted over 10,000 visitors), The Playful Living also takes part in the Design and Supercazzole round table, Pitti Bimbo 89, Milano film festivalino, G come Giocare! 

Cilab: Is a Research Laboratory of the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. Its pur- pose is to consolidate skills and excellence in Cultural and Creative industries research developed in national and European projects and make them available for companies. Within the CILAB, thought and action converge dynamically in order to push and dissemi- nate creative knowledge about strategic design. 

Style Piccoli (media partner): The is the bimonthly magazine of Corriere della Sera dedi- cated to families. It deals with transversal themes, selected for readers attentive and curi- ous to news and trends, ranging from current affairs to fashion and design. 



Where: Pitti Bimbo, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze

When: 16th to 18th of January 2020