Officine Tamborrino’s Milan Design Week

Officine Tamborrino joins Milan Design Week with a special invitation to sharing in, as expressed by its claim SHARE, through a series of events which will take place in Milan and will focus on the use of open spaces for real "sharing lifestyle" for people, instead of a virtual one based on social networking websites.

Officine Tamborrino gets back to Lambrate district at via Ventura n. 3, thanks to the cooperation with the Argentinian artist Elizabeth Aro and her project called "Amazing lightness", as she will temporarily live and work at the Shared House in Lambrate. That's another occasion for Officine Tamborrino to surprise its public during Milan Design Week, this time with a special project which goes beyond design borders to combine contemporary art, co-dividual architecture and design.

Ideally it also represents an extension of the new and visionary Shared House Lambrate, born from the cooperation between Laps Architecture, Farm Cultural Park, A14Hub and Polytechnic of Milan: a shared house which also includes capsule-like private spaces (inspired by Japanese tradition) and wide common spaces called co-dividual spaces, conceived as design outcomes aimed at encouraging meetings and common activities with an experimental approach towards new ergonomics and uses of common spaces within private spaces. As a result, Officine Tamborrino furniture items and its partners’ solutions show a new way of designing domestic spaces in reference to the growing importance of spaces for home working.

Then Officine Tamborrino will also host “Breakfast with the artist” on Wednesday April 18th at 9:30am, a special brunch event where several professionals of design and art sectors will gather around a long informal table to discuss about co-dividuality and art as pattern for design so as to inspire people with new ideas and projects.

The second location for Officine Tamborrino will be at Inhabits, located at Piazza Castello Square, with Delight the light, a project by Scaffsystem, the main company of the group, a leading producer of steel solutions for logistics and residential and industrial architecture. The media room will be set up by using Structura, our latest construction system for load-bearing metal structures to be combined with a wide range of modular and flexible framing panels for cladding. Officine Tamborrino as a technical partner will take care of the interior design of this area dedicated to professionals, by providing it with a bespoke co-working identity and an informal and young mood fit for sharing ideas and exchanges.

Finally, during Strangers Pinks event located at via Randaccio 5, Officine Tamborrino will present Grace console by Sara Mondaini, our latest design proposal focused on living spaces through pink colours. On this occasion at this amazing villa designed by Giò Ponti, Artemest and Ted Milano will celebrate all women with a whole pink installation including a series of selected products to tell about female universe with fascinating and delicate approaches.


Location :

Shared House Lambrate Via Ventura 3 // Lambrate District

Delight The light by Scaffsystem _ Inhabits - Milano Design Village,Piazza Castello //Santambrogio District

Strangers Pinks by Artemest Via Randaccio 5, Milano