CREA Summer Academy OSTUNI 2016

Design driven innovation for new entrepreneurship How to start from users needs to build innovative start-ups 

5- 16 september 2016 

Would you like to start your innovative company using the design approach as competitive advantage? Would you change the world creating innovative sustainable products and services that meet the new needs of people boosting new experience of use and interaction? Enroll in the Italian Summer Academy to understand how the design approach can support and drive the early stage of a start-up company.

You will study theories and practices of design thinking you will match with trends in ICT sector and knowledge in entrepreneurship. You will learn how to approach the business model generation using design thinking and design management tools.

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CREA is an European Network of Summer Academies with the aim to strengthen entrepreneurship in innovative sectors by using ICT and Creativity as levers. We select and support talented students, who have a real interest in becoming entrepreneurs. In CREA students come in with an idea and go out with a concrete project with business model.

We provide an all-round training, which takes you from your idea, via the identification of market opportunities, to conceptualization and planning and finally to the start-up of a new company.

But there is even more: a qualified jury selects the best ideas. If your project gets selected you are given the opportunity to pitch it in front of possible investors.