OFFICINE TAMBORRINO presents "O" by Alessandro Guerriero

Once again Officine Tamborrino is going to play a key role at Milan Design Week, thanks to its collaboration with Alessandro Guerriero, the internationally renowned designer and artist who designed an impressive and iconic installation for the coming event.

During. 2016 edition of Milan Design Week, the ADI location at via Bramante 42 will entirely be transformed by an iconic installation produced by Officine Tamborrino and designed by Alessandro Guerriero, conceived to take visitors into a cosmic landscape which will combine technological and archaic traits.

The OT orbiter, a stunning steel structure, will also become a special setting to display "O", the exclusive 2016 collection especially designed by Guerriero for Officine Tamborrino and entirely focused on the theme of the "circle".

Alessandro Guerriero personally called this project "the Cathedral", a place where you can retrieve concentration and the faculty of thinking. At the same time it represents a poetic place where you can get lost, a psychological labyrinth where time becomes unreal and expanded thanks to its fading features.

Once again the Master breaks the rules of design and its applications by providing visitors with a journey into an oneiric awesome structure, as it turns out to be a real sensorial, metaphysical and compelling experience.

The new collection called "O" is composed of 6 pieces, entirely designed starting from the circle pattern. Every object has been conceived from the same shape and the same material steel , but then it has developed an autonomous identity, linked with its own new function which revises both outlines and architectural spaces.
As Guerriero himself explains, "We're experiencing the special territory where pure art and functionality meet".
Thanks to this new project, Officine Tamborrino is reinterpreting objects by revising their inner functions: the circle softens the living space and suggests a new motion. Some examples of this concept and of the related modularity that mark the entire collection are provided by the mirrored circles called "ECO", as they are equipped with magnets and can be placed in several positions according to customized needs and taste. Another example is given by the handles of the cupboard called "DE-SIDERIO", also equipped with magnets to increase their flexibility and modularity for use.
The same circular shape, which has always embodied perfection, gets to represent cyclical time now and, as a result, it becomes a symbol of never ending time which tends to infinity. The name "O" derives from the desire for creating continuity between