OT meets Anna Nacci and "We are the children"

OT meets Anna Nacci, musician, sociologist, counselor, radio editor and project manager,

Anna Nacci in 2014 put in place a humanitarian project that involves three steps , aimed at children , WE ARE THE CHILDREN .

WE ARE THE CHILDREN because WE are the children, because the child we have been is always alive inside us, because if we are able to look after the inner child of the past, it means that we will be able to manage better our emotional side and improve our relationships with adults and their children.

WE ARE THE CHILDREN because working with children means that we can build a better future for sure, teaching them to be welcoming, living in peace and friendship. Let's look at the childrenaround us: they don't make any discrimination about the colour of our skin, the languages we speak, our religions etc. They always find a way to communicate and play together. Often adults instill insecurity upon them, fears and prejudices. So, let's remember about the child we were and try to take care of him and show and share our love. As such: every child has the right to be loved.

The second step of the project of “WE ARE THE CHILDREN”  is addressed to the orphanages “Dream Children’s home” directed by Mrs Rachel Gichia and "Tumaini Children's Home", an orphanage for only HIV positive children directed by OSVIC, an association of Oristano. Both the orphanages are in Kenya

The project is very important because Anna Nacci and her team will demonstrate the project in several Italian primary and middle schools in order to teach the children how useful is it to play music in a project of solidarity. Furthermore school teachers will be involved asking the children to donate toys, clothes and medicines. A thank you card will be given to the donors whom will then be able to track their donations on our website


20 dicembre 2015 h.19.00

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