Officine Tamborrino and Anna Scalfi Eghenter together for Valvassori Peroni Library in Milan

Designer Anna Scalfi Eghenter's MapCase, produced by Officine Tamborrino, will be officially presented in Milan, Italy, next Friday 30th October at 6:30pm at Valvassori Peroni Library - Valvassori Peroni street, 56 - area 3.

Already presented during the last edition of Salone del Mobile in cooperation with Ventura Projects, it represents a kind of shelving which always reproduces the map of the town where it is installed.

Now it's with proud that we announce it will be donated to Valvassori Peroni Library in Milan, to let it interact with the special town that it depicts.

All our partners and friends are very welcome to the opening day!

For more details: info@officinetamborrino.com