Officine Tamborrino & XFOOD join Fuorisalone Milano Design Week 14-19 April 2015

From April 14th- 19th Officine Tamborrino design and XFood social restaurant will join at Fuorisalone Milano Design Week for a special project: a unique space that will feed Lambrate area (Via Ventura, 14) with culture, gathering and social innovation.

Officine Tamborrino design brand keeps on focusing its communication on experimental moods and exchanges.

For 2014 edition, Feeding creativity concept recalled a house where art and design would meet. For this new edition, Officine Tamborrino explores the world of food by setting up an Apulian food district with XFOOD, the first Apulian social restaurant whose employees are disabled people who work at Ex-Fadda, an old wine factory which has been turned into a social and innovative lab.

Fuorisalone Milano Design Week at Via Ventura n. 14 will then host a very special project: much more than a restaurant, it will be a real social space that will feed the entire town with culture, meetings and social innovation.

Feeding creativity menu will be inspired by springtime by offering organic and tasty dishes according to Apulian tradition.

The International public of Ventura Lambrate will be welcomed by the Mediterranean mood of Feeding creativity, the temporary restaurant of XFOOD, which will propose a new way of living your break time: tasty, healthy, but most of all different.

Culture will also play an important role: mornings from April 17-19 three workshops about sustainable design will take place. Every meeting will be focused on a different subject: green, social, culture of inclusiveness for children.

Officine Tamborrino will take care of the layout and building of the entire project with its own steel structures and furniture items. Moreover, we will present for the first time to the public two brand new pieces: “6sit” by Giuliana Gatti and “Let’s Talk” by Sara Mondani, a social table composed of three elements connected by means of a bolt, as symbol of the entire Feeding Creativity project.

Sustainable and social are the key words that constitute the link between the two brands involved in this project, XFOOD and Officine Tamborrino, to set up a unique area in Ventura Lambrate for relaxing and joining public debates.

For further information about the programme click on the image above or visit our page facebook.com/officinetamborrino

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